Sanctions for Positive Tests or Other Contraventions

If a Player tests positive, refuses a test, or is found to be possessing illicit drugs, the following sanctions apply:


  • Compulsory rehabilitation program
  • Fine of 5% of annual playing contract (suspended if all other conditions are met)
  • Formal employment warning (if player already has previous written employment warnings, this could contribute to dismissal)
  • A Monitoring Test Program will be undertaken to detect further breaches


  • Result is released publicly
  • NRL will impose a 12 match suspension
  • Immediate payment of the 5% suspended fine
  • Club will have the right to terminate playing contract
  • Should the club not terminate the playing contract, they will levy an additional 10% of the player’s annual contract fee
  • NRL have the right to impose conditions on future contracts » Compulsory rehabilitation


These will be referred directly to the NRL Drugs Tribunal which will have the right to impose any sanctions that it deems fit under the circumstances.

This information is a summary – you should contact your club’s Anti-Doping Officer to obtain the full policy.

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