DRINKiQ program


NRL Rookies take part in DRINKiQ, a responsible drinking program that highlights the important of personal responsibility when it comes to alcohol

On Saturday 3 December 2016, 160 National Rugby League (NRL) Rookies took part in DRINKiQ, an interactive program designed to share information about alcohol and its effects to encourage responsible attitudes towards alcohol.

The program was delivered by the NRL and partner Diageo (through Bundaberg Rum) with the NRL and took place in Wollongong as part of the annual Rookie Camp for young up and coming professional Rugby League players.

Diageo and the NRL first delivered the DRINKiQ program in 2009, and were excited to re-launch the program with the upcoming season’s new recruits.

The updated program opens a dialogue with rookies on alcohol and equips them with knowledge, tips and strategies to make more informed choices about drinking, or not drinking. It was co-facilitated by Diageo and former NRL players Dene Halatau and Quentin Pongia.

The DRINKiQ program, along with the other programs delivered at the Rookie Camp, equips young players for life as a professional athlete. both on and off the field. It’s not easy preparing for a career as a professional footballers, which includes being a role model within the community. This program helps them to understand their responsibilities. Dene Halatau
Family Man, Diploma of Business, Apprentice Mentor, State of Mind Ambassador

Halatau said, “Co-facilitating the session allows me to share my experiences as well as role model the behavior and character that is expected of Rugby League players today.”

Kylie McPherson, Corporate Relations & Legal Director of Diageo said: “We are extremely proud to be partnering again with the NRL to deliver the DRINKiQ program to encourage responsible attitudes and behaviors to alcohol among players. During the session the players learn key information that will help those players who chose to drink, to do so responsibly.”

“We engage the players in a pouring exercise to help them understand what a standard drink actually looks like and go on to talk about how the body processes alcohol. It’s on this basis that they can start to sort alcohol fact from fiction and challenge some of the misinformation that might have guided their drinking in the past.

The fact that the body on average only processes one standard drink per hour and that time is the only thing that can sober you up - and not a cold shower, greasy food or coffee for instance - is a surprise for many. Kylie McPherson
Corporate Relations & Legal Director of Diageo

Diageo is committed to promoting responsible drinking and alcohol as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Diageo’s DRINKiQ program forms part of this commitment and was first launched in 2002 in Australia.

Today, the program, which is tailored to different audiences, is delivered globally to sporting codes and teams, corporates, law enforcement bodies and government departments.

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