Dene Halatau
Family Man, Diploma of Business, Apprentice Mentor, State of Mind Ambassador


The HEALTHWISE program takes a wholistic approach to wellbeing by promoting social, spiritual, psychological and financial health and by providing ongoing support in these areas into retirement.

The NRL is very aware of the responsibility it takes on for the health and wellbeing of all its players and this goes for every facet of their lives.

It can be a challenging experience to leave home at a young age, or simply to face the responsibilities of playing the sport you love at a high level.

Success can bring its own difficulties and opportunities and failure is both a real possibility and something many people find hard to deal with.

We do not leave our players, at whatever their stage in the game, to handle the very real stresses and strains of elite competition on their own.

Your Club can Help

Every Club has at least one Welfare and Education Manager who looks after the wellbeing of the players in their charge.

Each manager has a Mental Health First Aid Certificate and a Certificate IV in Youth Work or Career Development as a minimum qualification combined with several years experience in working with talented young athletes.

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