Indigenous Players Camp

The NRL Indigenous Players Camp strengthens identity amongst the playing group and create a better understanding of the issues Indigenous people deal with in their communities and in the NRL system so they realise their potential to create positive change in and outside the game.

The camp focuses on

  1. Career Aspirations and planning
    Players will look at different career paths and develop plans aimed at gaining qualifications and experience for when their playing days are finished.
  2. Mental Wellbeing
    Workshop on Mental health and the components of mental wellbeing.
  3. Development of Cultural War cry
    Players will design their own war cry to be used across the game representing Indigenous people
  4. Leadership
    Develop leadership skills to be utilised in the game and in clubs to help clubs with dealing with their Indigenous players and how to get the best out of them on and off the field.

The Camp isĀ for all players selected in the Indigenous All Stars team and any Aboriginal or TSI player in your clubs top 25.

If you feel players outside this playing group would benefit from the camp please feel free to nominate them.

The camp is forĀ around 40-50 players.