Men of League Membership & Events

The Men of League Foundation (MOL) is a great organisation and an important part of the Rugby League community.

“Mates helping mates” is their mantra, and since 2002 the MOL has provided support and assistance to Rugby League players, coaches, referees, officials and administrators from all levels of the game and their families.

We encourage all guys and their families to join the Men of League Foundation and continue to be a part of this community.


Men of League Foundation events are held across the country and provide a terrific opportunity to connect with local members, engage with the networks and give back to the game.

Throughout the year we will keep you in touch with MOL events such as Golf Days, Sportsmen’s Dinners and Race Days, which are terrific opportunities for networking and relationship building.


You can join on the Men of League website


Here’s where to see what’s happening in your area


If you know anyone who is in need of physical or financial assistance, or just to touch base with a mate from the rugby league community, contact:

Welfare Manager
Men of League Foundation
+61 488 550 056