Do’s and dont’s of successful savers


The Do’s & don’ts of successful savers

Of those who are saving…

  • 65% – Are confident they will achieve their goals
  • But… 43% don’t have a clear plan

Techniques used by confident savers:

  • 78% – Know how much money is needed
  • 75% – Have a clear savings plan
  • 73% – Regularly review their progress
  • 72% – Have a specific saving time frame
  • 43% – Tell their family and friends

Those who review, remind themselves and publicly commit to their goals are more likely to achieve them.


* MoneySmart brand tracking program, Sweeney Research January 2014 (n=1,380)
Note: It is possible some classified as ‘non-savers’ may be making extra payments on their mortgage, other loans or into their superannuation.

** MoneySmart online ‘Money Goals’ poll July 2014. (n=1,566)

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