PlayWise Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

The PlayWise Literacy and Numeracy Assessment may be used by your NRL Club to assist you with on field and off field activities. PlayWise Literacy and Numeracy Assessment results are confidential and may be used by players and NRL Club Career Coaches for developing individual action plans.


Conduct the PlayWise Literacy and Numeracy Assessment using the protocols outlined on the inside cover of each assessment, marked as Assessment Administration, along with an appropriate environment and supervision to ensure the integrity and results are those of the individual players and completed within the recommended 50 minute timeframe.

Once Completed and Collected

Assessments to be sent or delivered to Rugby League Central Wellbeing and Education Department which will allow them on sent for marking by Dr Sam & Nagla Jebeile with email results returned within 2-3 weeks. If urgent results are desired, this will need to be requested and organised in advance with potential additional costs to the club for couriers etc.


The NRL Wellbeing and Education department will pay for the assessment of 15 players results and additional assessments will be charged to the club (approx. $50 per assessment).

Once Results have been received

It is important to use the individual results and written assessment to provide an action plan of further steps.


There is a pool of funds that can be applied for individuals to assist with improving players LLN level.

This is capped at $1000 per player*.

Clubs are encouraged where possible to source the most cost effective option for their specific circumstances and access to resources in your local area with potential evidence of learning required to be provided.


The Foundation Skills Training Package comprises 91 units and draws from the key core areas of Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Learning, Technology and Numeracy. There is a capacity to build foundation skills at high levels (ACSF 5) down to low levels (ACSF1). The package was designed to incorporate foundation skills development into vocational training in any number of flexible ways and always customised to the needs of the students/players – Tafe is a cost-effective option(Foundation Skills Unit Matrix is attached):

  • Pathways Programs  – general skill development at lower levels (eg ACSF1) as skills set or full course
  • Preparation Programs – generally at Certificate 2 level  with units specifically shaped to focus on the core skills in any certificate 3/4 program eg plumbing, fitness, electrical, welfare. Also as skills sets or full course
  • Built in Support Programs – units delivered concurrently with vocational training, specifically addressing course skills in the course. Students may attend sessions in addition to vocational training or there may be a collaborative teaching team  Foundation Skills teachers. A small number of units can be delivered (1 to 4) concurrently.


A common default program for players is the Fitness Certificate 3 and 4 qualifications. A suggested model could be utilised is:

  • Assess students holistically well in advance of the course commencement – and determine their suitability. Those whose skills are very low can be referred to a Pathways Program
  • Deliver a ‘skill set’ Preparation Program for those who have skills at ACSF2/3 and who would benefit from targeted language literacy and numeracy skills specifically around the content of the Fitness Course.
  • Offer weekly support sessions during the Fitness Course – to focus on better understanding and comprehension of course materials etc.

A good quality Foundation Skills unit will be quickly able to adapt content to vocational contexts.

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