The Playwise program assists players to maximise their potential on and off the field by strengthening the foundation skills needed to successfully navigate league, learning and life.

Playwise has been developed to the Australian Core Skills Framework standard.

It is updated every year and uses workplace materials provided by NRL Clubs. Players are assessed on their language, literacy and numeracy via actual training timetables and schedules, coach tips sheets and playing statistics.

Development programs to build skills are based on materials commonly encountered in the real, everyday life of a professional NRL player, such as:

  • employment forms,
  • contracts,
  • codes of conduct,
  • match statistics,
  • travel documents and
  • coach communications.

This program gives players confidence that they will be able to make the most of the information that is shared with them to improve their performance and it gives coaches assurance that their important messages are being clearly understood.

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