Graduates of League

NRL Graduates of League (GOL) is a Higher Education academic and peer tuition program available to contracted players in the NRL, NYC, NSWRL, NZRL and QRL. The program provides an academic support person (Head Tutor) at each partner university to support players with enrolment, transition and peer tuition.

The program has been successful to date reducing failure rates from 40% to 4% in pilot project samples. In 2013 the ARL funded up to $1,000 per player for this program until end 2017.

In 2014 the program was available to 220 players across all 16 NRL Clubs in 18 university partner campuses.

Each player is partnered with a high achieving peer tutor for 1-2 hours per week where they engage with difficult subject content, assignments and exam preparation.

Peer tutors are high achieving undergraduate students with strong interpersonal skills and attend a short induction and training session organised by the University Partner in conjunction with the Program Manager.

Peer tutors meet with their players a minimum of 1-2 hours per week for at least 8-10 weeks per semester.

Meetings are normally face-to-face but due to travel have also been successfully completed via phone, email and Skype. Normally meetings will involve tuition in subject specific content.

Research has shown that players also benefitted from mentoring sessions that included: setting goals, improving study skills, assignment research skills.

Peer tutors have also successfully held group tuition sessions and to address such topics as goal setting, conflict resolution, identifying values, time management, communication skills, leadership and personal brand.

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