Allowances for NYC

These allowances apply to National Youth Competition players.

Traineeships Allowance

  1. For players in the NYC Top 20, Clubs will be permitted to self-fund a maximum of $78,750 per annum in government approved traineeships either through the Football Club or an associated Leagues Club. This is the total allowance for all players in the NYC Top 20.
  2. In addition to the $78,750 in Club sponsored traineeships, Clubs are permitted to source external providers for Traineeships including Club or competition sponsors as long as they do not affect the Club’s current sponsorship arrangements.
  3. Any contribution by the Club to an external traineeship will be included in the Club’s maximum allowable $78,750 as a Club provided traineeship.
  4. Clubs are permitted to place players outside the NYC Top 20 squad into traineeships including Club funded traineeships without affecting the restrictions on the NYC Top 20 Squad.

Tertiary Education Allowance

In addition to a players playing fee, players may be paid a Tertiary Education Allowance. Some or all of this allowance may be excluded from the SC under the following conditions:

  • The TEA is capped at $15,750K gross per player and can be used to cover the player’s Tertiary education expenses including HECS, University Fees and resources such as books and laptop needed to fulfil the requirements of the course; and
  • In addition to paying for the above direct costs, the remainder of the TEA (up to a combined total maximum of $15,750K gross per player) may be paid to the player as a study allowance. Any such allowance paid would however need to be commensurate with the level of education and must be pre- approved by the NRL WEM;

Apprenticeship Allowance

  1. Players who are better suited to working towards a trade qualification may have part of their apprenticeship funded by the Club and excluded from the NYC Salary Cap.
  2. Clubs are encouraged to source external employers for players wishing to pursue an apprenticeship. Club or competition sponsors can employ NYC players on an apprenticeship as long as the Club’s sponsorship does not reduce as a result of the apprenticeship arrangements.
  3. The Club may enter into an arrangement with the employer to fund part of the cost of employing the player using the Apprenticeship Allowance.
  4. The Apprenticeship Allowance has a maximum value of $15,750K gross per player. The combined contribution of the Club and employer must not exceed the award rate for the apprenticeship.
  5. The Apprenticeship Allowance must meet the minimum standard for the apprenticeship required under government regulations and will require pre-approval by the NYC Welfare & Education Programs Manager.

Living Away From Home Allowance

Living away from home allowance (LAFHA) may be excluded from Salary Cap calculations under the following conditions:

  • Players will qualify for the LAFHA exclusion if they have moved from outside a 100km radius of the Club’s office address to within a 100km radius of the Clubs office address;
  • The maximum entitlement for the LAFHA that is exempt from the Salary Cap is $157.50 per week per player.

Completion Allowance

  1. Players in the top 20 NYC list as well as players who are eligible to play in the NYC but who are not on the Top 25 NRL List may be eligible to receive a monetary allowance from their Club on satisfactory completion of each year of an approved course of education or training (“Completion Allowance”).
  2. All Completion Allowances will be limited to a maximum of $2,500 per player per year and, if approved, will be excluded from the Salary Cap Calculation.
  3. A Completion Allowance may be paid to a Player who is an apprentice even though such payment would have the effect of remunerating the Player above the award wage, provided that the procedures below are complied with.
  4. Secondary school is not a course of education in relation to which a Completion Allowance may be paid.
  5. The amount of the Completion Allowance to be paid each year shall be calculated by reference to the time allocation for the course. For example, a Player who has satisfactorily participated in a full time University course, traineeship or apprenticeship over the full year may be paid the maximum allowance, whereas a Player undertaking a course over only six months of that year would only be entitled to 50% of the maximum ($1,250)

School Fees Allowance

  1. Clubs may pay secondary school fees on behalf of players up to a total of $30,000 (including FBT) for all players in the NYC Top 20.
  2. The allowance is for the individual player’s school fees only as a re-imbursement or payment of actual fees. School fees do not include boarding costs or additional voluntary contributions to the school.

Other Allowances

Reasonable Relocation Reimbursements

This allowance is identical to the NRL allowance – reasonable reimbursement of relocation expenses. These expenses must be properly supported.

Medical Benefit Premiums and “gap” Payments

Single or family (not the player’s parents) payments made on behalf of the player if those payments are in addition to the remuneration paid under the playing contract i.e. they will not be excluded if they are deducted from the player’s salary

Any gap payments over and above the Medicare and government rebate will also be excluded from the Salary Cap.

Representative Levy Reimbursements

Clubs can pay representative levies on behalf of players who are selected in school representative teams and who are required to pay a levy.

However, representative levies will only be excluded where they are reimbursed on receipt or paid directly via invoice.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance paid on behalf of NYC players will be excluded from the Salary Cap provided they are reimbursed on receipt or paid directly via invoice.

Other Bonuses

All other bonuses, appearance fees, match fees etc will be calculated as per the usual Salary Cap rules applicable to all players.

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