What commission should I pay an Agent?

The standard commission charged by Player Agents on any playing contract is 6-7%.

Agents generally will charge no fees until an income threshold of around $10K is reached. Some Agents charge a small annual fee until that threshold is reached.

Agents generally charge between 10% and 20% of any sponsorship or non-football income you receive.

At Holden Cup level particularly, be aware of what income an Agent can charge you commission on. An Agent is not able to charge commission on any allowances you earn – i.e. housing allowance or employment/ education allowances.

There have been cases where Agents have attempted to charge commission on allowances. If this happens to you, report it immediately to the accreditation scheme Operations Manager Paul Massey on 0437 600 200 or at pmassey@nrl.com.au

If your Agent’s fees are paid by direct debit by your NRL Club, make sure you are aware of what amount is paid and that it corresponds with the amount agreed to in the Player-Agent Agreement.

You also need to sign a separate document giving permission for the Club to direct debit your Agent’s fees.

Important Note

All information contained on this website is not meant to be a substitute for the official contracts, codes or procedures of the NRL, Clubs or associated bodies such as ASADA. Players should not rely on this information alone in dealing with contractual or other NRL related issues. It is recommended that players refer to appropriate documents in full and that they seek their own professional advice before entering into any contracts.

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