Can I terminate my agreement with my agent if I’m not happy with the job they’re doing?

It is not that simple. If you read your agreement, it states that a player may terminate an agreement only if the agent is in breach of ‘a material obligation’ of the agreement.

One of those obligations is that your agent must have contact with you, in person, at least twice every year of your agreement. If he fails to do this, you may have a right to terminate.

If an agent fails to continue his accreditation, becomes bankrupt or fails to operate as an agent for two months (see other breach examples on your contract) you may by giving him seven days’ notice, terminate your agreement.

If you feel your agent is not doing the job you want, contact him and talk to him.

If you leave messages and he does not return them, email or write a letter to your agent. If you can still make no progress with your issues, contact Paul Massey and advise him of the issue. You may have a case to end your agreement.

You cannot simply give your agent notice that you are not happy and are leaving him.

Unless it is confirmed by the operations manager that a termination has been granted, another agent is unable to, negotiate a new agreement with you, nor represent you at a club.

This is why you must give good thought and get good advice about which agent to sign with, and how long to sign for because it isn’t as easy as walking away whenever you feel like it.

If you are not sure of when the agreement with your agent finishes, you can call Paul Massey on 0437 600 200 to confirm. Every agreement is registered in the accreditation scheme data base.

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