Men of League

mol-logoMen of League (MOL) was founded on the principal that people who are or have been a part of the great rugby league family should be able to find support when they fall on hard times.

MOL programs

Social Welfare

Assisting people in many forms including, hospital visits, home visits, transportation to social outings or simply personal contact.

Back to the Game

“Back to the Game” activities which engage people residing in nursing homes that have lost their social connection to the game. This incentive reconnects people with former friends, club associates, team mates and opponents.

Men of League Magazine

The magazine is a means for people to become aware of up and coming MOL activities, connect with past and present game highlights and follow activities surrounding the game.

Grant Assistance

“Grant Assistance” is a means of providing assistance to those who require food vouchers, out of pocket expenses, mobility aids and home modifications to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Injury Support

MOL also assist young footballers who have had their lives seriously impacted by injury. These injuries could mean the unsuccessful securing of an NRL contract limiting the person’s ability to develop a career outside of league. MOL helps guide these players to a better and more secure future.

Men of League is all about the people who make rugby league such a great game, not just players at the elite levels but
all people involved in the game wherever it is played.

Young Players

MOL also helps young players with their transition from a playing career to assessing future options away from the playing field.

MOL feel it is vitally important that players inducted into the National Youth Cup (NYC) program are well aware of the MOL and it’s activities, its role in the game and its ability to help all members of the rugby league family.

Hopefully you will not require the services of MOL personally but, should times become tough we are only a phone call away and are here to assist.

Keep in mind that the people you have left behind at your junior club in search of your rugby league dream may well fall on hard times, this is your opportunity to become an advocate for MOL simply by letting them know we are here for them.

We also encourage young people to become active members of MOL by simply joining as members of rugby league’s very own charity.